Tinker Bell
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Species Fairy Zombie
Occupation Protector of Pixie Hallow

Zombie hero

Likes Flying, magic, wishes, love, fixing things, bedtime stories, her friends, tea parties, animals, Peter Pan, taking care of children, lights, seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, cakes, and water. Acceptance, Slippers, adventures, and pixie dust.
Dislikes Bullying, conflicts, rudeness, dirt, mud, rats, Evil pirates ( Especially Captain Hook ). People make wrong choices, selfishness
Weapons scissors, pixie dust, her tools, broomstick,
Outfit choices Shoes, dresses, and skirts

Tinker Bell is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie.

Appearance Edit

Tinker Bell has shoulder length blonde hair tied up in world buns, her skin is covered in stitches and her wings are damaged. She is one of the zombies who wears a skirt, along with Little Mermaid. Her dress is torn and damaged. She also has a wand with her. Just like the girls, she wanders barefoot.


  1. She is one of the magical beings in the Once upon a zombie series.
  2. Her birthday is October 10.
  3. She loves to spray fairy dust.
  4. She loves the color green.
  5. Her best friend is Peter Pan. She looks up to him as a brother due to his responsibility. However, she is often be feisty and aggressive, and Peter usually calms her down before she’ll gets even more mad.
  6. She and Alice often goes to any kind of adventure that involves Wonderland and Never Land. They would visit mermaid lagoon, and have tea parties and lunch with Peter Pan.


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