Once Upon A Zombie Wiki
Likes Mirrors and reflective windows. Makeup and bleach detergent to dye her skin back to its original “Snow White.”
Dislikes Insults and apples
Favorite Color White
Favorite Number 7
Favorite Shampoo Dead & Shoulders
Favorite Politician Mitt Zombie
Favorite Dessert Vanilla Ice Scream
Favorite Football Team Washington Deadskins
Favorite Place to Shop Aberzombie & Witch
Favorite Music Classical
Favorite Motto Grimm and bear it
Favorite Possession Diamond crusted tiara
Favorite Phrase Diamonds are a ghoul's best friend
Favorite Game Corpse & Robbers

Snow White is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie. And the main protagonist, next to Caitlin Rose. She worries too much about what other’s think. She must learn to project her own independent spirit, instead of being a mirror reflection of what others think is popular.


Snow White is pure, honest, and gentle, but she can be a bit timid. She is motherly, and loves to cook, clean, sew and wash. She loves her friends ( especially Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty ). She takes care and loves her friends deeply as she shows concern for them. While Snow is responsible, she can be a child at times. Especially when it comes to singing with birds or show affection about small things.


  1. She is the main protagonist of the series. Due to her responsibility and her kindness. She is known to be the “motherly“ figure to the zombies.
  2. Her birthday is February 8.
  3. She hates it when people calls her the “Damsel in distress” due to the fact that the evil queen poisoned her with the poison apple while the dwarves were gone. So, she decides to be more of a hero than a princess-in-waiting.
  4. Her favorite pie is apple pie which is the pie that her Disney counterpart makes for the dwarves.
  5. Her favorite color is red.
  6. She has a more skeletal appearance than most of the other zombies.


Snow White has short midnight black hair and a red flower pin in it. She has a light grey complexion. On her right arm her forearm is all bone with a leather strap wrapped around it. Her left arm has a bandage around it and she has baby blue eyeshadow on her lid and dark grey below her eyebrows. She has a stitch coming from her mouth to her cheek and her dress has a white collar with a yellow top. She wears a red jewelled choker. Her skirt is damaged and blue. She has a red belt with a skull on it. Her lipstick is red.