Snow Queen is a very secondary character only having a photo of Valentine's Day. But she won a doll then...

Appearance Edit

She has blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and red lips. She has dirty blonde hair that are in pigtails. She wears a necklace that is in a shape of a snowflake. She has a crown on her head and wears blue mascara.


Kind-hearted, caring, loyal, motherly, elegant, mature, intelligent, polite, compassionate, loving, protective, and delicate.

Trivia Edit

  • She won a doll
  • It was made for Valentine's Day.
  • Her birthday is November 21.
  • She loves snow, ice and water. Due to her cold powers.
  • She is describe as an Angel of Christmas.
  • She loves hot cocoa and eating cookies.
  • Her colors is white and silver which explains her snow-like abilities.
  • She is close to everybody. She usually invites people for visits, sleep overs, and Christmas.
  • She enjoys baking and drinking coffee.
  • She is the motherly figure to all of the zombie girls.
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