Prince Charming
Species Zombie (Formerly: human)
Gender Male
Spouse Cinderella
Likes Science, math, studying, eating pie, caramel, butter, summer, sports, art, music, animals, helping others, color blue, Cinderella, singing, dancing, music,
Dislikes Bullying, rudeness, threats to his friends, Lady Tremaine, evil magic, thieves and soldiers, rats, destruction, rotten food, Cinderella in danger, broken promises, judgemental people

Prince Charming is a secondary character, he appeared in the webserie and sang a song with Cinderella.

Appearance Edit

He has blond hair, and a big yellow crown. He wears a kind of blue formal dress and gray trousers.


Prince Charming is kind, caring, chivalrous, polite, sweet, prince-like, and elegant.

Gallery Edit

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