Species Zombie (Formerly: wood doll )
Gender Male

Pinocchio is a secondary character of OUAZ, he appeared in the second episode of OUAZ and he goes on as a supporting character.

Appearance Edit

He has a red hat with a yellow feather, he has black hair and red eyes looking like a possessed doll! Wears a yellow vest with a red part, his pants are a blue overalls and his shoes are brown.


Kind, caring, sweet, adventurous, loving, innocent, friendly, happy-go-lucky, and somewhat mischievous as well as a daredevil, despite being a wooden doll.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to have no conscience. Yet have many heroic and characteristics.
  • He may have said inspiration in dolls owned by Annabelle or so.
  • Despite his grimly appearance, he has a heart of gold like the Disney version of Pinocchio.
  • Though Pinocchio may be a child, he might have been in his teens, like fifteen years old. However, he is twenty years old now.
  • His birthday is August 9.
  • He is closed with Alice and Tinker Bell.
  • He loves chocolate cake, and vanilla ice cream.
  • He loves toys, stuffed animals and dolls.
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