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The Little Mermaid
Zombie The Little Mermaid.jpg
Species Zombie (Formerly: mermaid, human)
Gender Female
Likes Swimming, singing, ocean, water tag, dancing, her friends, fried food ( especially chicken )
Dislikes Bullying, disrespect, harsh judgements, evil Sea Witches, danger, selfishness, her friends harmed
Paraphernalia Her shells, water flower, her pearl necklace
Best Advice "It really doesn’t matter what other people think of you. What matters most is what YOU think of you. Love and appreciate yourself and the rest will follow."

Little Mermaid is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie.


Little Mermaid is calm but she's also super shy. She is not really worried about the zombie plague. She loves all of her zombie friends, but her BZFF (Best Zombie Friends Forever) she can entrust are Belle and Rapunzel. She adores Rapunzel for her peacemaking style, and for the trustworthiness of Belle. Of course she loves swimming since she is a zombie mermaid, water tag, and volleyball. She is a zombie that you can rely on. Smart and resourceful, this little mermaid loves to swim and always hang out with her friends. She is really good at magic and swims with the sea animals. She’s really talented when it comes to dancing. Although she can be silly and child-like, she is sweet, friendly, and mature. Though sometimes, she gets into nets from Pirates as she’s in a situation. However, she always carries a knife to save herself by cutting the net and lets herself free.


  1. She is the most beautiful creature.
  2. She loves her friends.
  3. She has the singing ability to allure and enchant somebody or someone with her voice, Just like Ariel from the little mermaid.
  4. She loves eating fried food ( especially chicken ).
  5. She has a collection of all human items.
  6. She loves to drink tea and water. She also drinks Soda.
  7. Her favorite colors are teal, green and blue.
  8. Her birthday is April 30, unlike her Disney counterpart, who was born on June 8.
  9. The only areas that she loves to swim is the pool, the aquarium, and the ocean.


Little Mermaid has a light gray complexion with patches of darker gray on the left of her rib cage and upper right arm. She has dark, swampy green eyes, and light, hip-length, strawberry blonde hair. She has stitches running vertically from the bottom of her eyes to the bottom of her cheeks, as well as in a patch below her right knee. Her outfit consists of a scaley, shimmery, tattered purple skirt, a pink seashell bra with purple straps, a purple pearl necklace adorned with a skull, and a pink starfish perched atop the right side of her head. In some early promotional pictures, her top appears white. Little Mermaid's signature makeup style consists solely of baby blues, and, like the other zombies, she wanders barefoot.