New zombie cinderella
Species Zombie (Formerly: human)
Gender Female
Likes Spicy food and junk food
Dislikes Chores, shortage of food
Best Advice "You are stronger than you can imagine. If there’s a challenge in front of you, it’s only because you have the ability to overcome it. Just never stop trying. The story will always end up, happily ever after, if you refuse to give up."

Cinderella is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie.


Cindy has a voracious appetite for junk food and spicy food and a rebellious personality to match. This girl says what she feels, tells it like it is, and is the first one to jump into any challenging situation or conflict. 


Cinderella has a light gray complexion and icy blue eyes. Her long blonde hair is kept piled high atop her head in voluminous buns. She has stitches running vertically from the bottom of her left eye to her jaw, more running around her lower left leg, and a bandage wrapped around her left wrist. She wears a damaged, pink and blue, off-the-shoulder dress, which falls at the bottom of her knee and is adorned with a red jewel at the collar. Her accessories include a single, white, right glove, a pearl necklace with a golden pendant, and a golden crown. She can be seen wearing makeup in pinks, blues, and reds. Like the other zombies, she wanders barefoot.