Once Upon A Zombie Wiki
Species Zombie (Formerly: human)
Gender Female
Likes Victorian style, the color yellow, roses, dancing, reading books, her friends, French pastries ( Especially baguettes ) Being independent, Christmas, candlesticks.
Dislikes Narcissism, bullying, disrespect, harsh judgements, Gaston, Beast in danger, selfishness, her friends harmed,
Paraphernalia Her books, roses, basket of bread and pastries, her purse, a cup of coffee,
Best Advice "Trust the people who love you. Let others get close to you, because if you don’t, you could be missing out on the most special friendships of all time."

Belle is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie.


Belle strives to see the good in everything around her. She never judges a book by its cover, and strongly believes in trying to understand a person before making assumptions about them. Having grown up as a single child, Belle had few people to talk to, and was used to keeping her feelings to herself. She had difficulty showing her emotions to her friends and loved ones and was closed off, but has since worked hard to overcome this. She also loves Beast for who he is, and always protects him.


  1. She’s known to be the bookworm of the zombie group.
  2. Her birthday is May 19.
  3. She loves horseback riding.
  4. She enjoys eating dinner with Beast.
  5. Belle loves horses, vegetables, books, and inventions.
  6. She enjoys eating Snow white’s food and admired her cooking skills.
  7. Belle loves candlesticks on her desk. She always has a pile of books and papers on it while she’s gone, or she doesn’t have time to clean it up.
  8. She and Little Mermaid always collect food for their adventures and share.


Belle wears a damaged red Victorian dress with a yellow collar and yellow bits coming from her black belt. One of her sleeves is full with a damaged cuff. She has a light grey complexion and blue eyeshadow on her lid and orange below her eyebrow. Her reddish-brown hair is up in a ponytail with a fringe, and she wears a small gold tiara with blue jewels. A stitch is running through her right eye and she has an armband on her left arm. She wears a red and gold choker.