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Species Human ( Formerly )


Occupation Schoolgirl

Zombie hero

Alice is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie. She is the youngest of the zombie girls.


  1. Her birthday is January 17.
  2. She was eight years old through season one and two in Once upon a Zombie. She is 19 years old throughout the seasons.
  3. Her abilities is the eat me cookies and the drink me cookies to make her size from big to little.
  4. Her favorite animals are bunnies and cats.
  5. She loves sugar sweets and sewing dolls. Which is why she has a sewing machine in her bedroom.
  6. She is very fond of tea and cookies as she is often seen at tea parties where she has a teacup in her hand.
  7. Alice is often seen talking to the Mad Hatter and the March hare.
  8. She and Cheshire are often best friends forever. When Alice is in a situation, Cheshire has her back no matter what. Even though, he often teases her by calling her a “little girl”. But through their arguments, they cared for each other. Many people teases them about being a couple, even though, Cheshire is a cat, and is older than her.

APPEARANCE Alice’s dress is like the original Alice in Wonderland design, Except is all ripped and damaged. He dress is light blue and her leggings are torn and gray striped. She has red nail polish. She has a blue bow on her head and her hair is in two pigtails with a pink hair bow on the left and the black hair bow on the right. She has pink lips, and has a choker on her neck with a skull on it.


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